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Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME)

Wood moisture content

Some Humitest moisture meters measure wood moisture content (%H2O on dry wood*).
In materials other than wood, these moisture meters measure Wood Moisture Equivalent (%WME) values. WME is the theoretical moisture content value that would be attained by a piece of wood in moisture equilibrium with the material under investigation at the point of measurement.

Damp material or dry material

As the critical moisture content levels of wood are known, measuring the wood moisture equivalent enables the user to establish whether the material is air dry, borderline or damp. This is indicated by the color coded LED scale (green > orange > red).

* The wood moisture testers Humitest are calibrated from samples of wood that have been weighed and measured before and after dehydration in a oven.


Humitest MMS2

Four-in-one system: two-pin-contact moisture meter, in depth radiofrequency moisture detector, infrared thermometer, fast responding thermo-hygrometer.
- intuitive user interface with color screen,
- data logging,
- firmware upgradable,
- psychometric calculations,
- non-contact IR temperature probe with laser pointer.

Equilibrium humidity content

Also known as the hygroscopic equilibrium, this term is used to define the water equilibrium of a material in relation to external conditions.


Moisture meters for on-site diagnosis