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Solid biomass energy efficiency

Solid biomass energy efficiency
Renewable and easily storable energy, biomass is an alternative to fossil energies.

Valorising biomass as energy

Developing solid biomass, according to the European Commission, is part of the solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emission, insure supply security and sustainability of energy in Europe.
Developing energy valorisation of biomass comes within the scope of sustainable management of territories: forestry and agricultural resources, silviculture and agriculture, income for owners, energy autonomy, financing aids, creation of non relocatable jobs, sharing of good practices and innovation diffusion, many factors contribute to it.

Measuring water content, guaranteeing the energy produced

How can we guarantee the quality of these “new” sources of energy? One key fact: moisture measurement. The EN 14961 norm "Solid biofuels - Fuel specifications and classes" determines a classification and characterisation of solid bio fuels according to:
- Source (agricultural and forestry products, agricultural and forestry vegetal waste, wood waste...)
- Moisture content (% of mass at reception),
- Lower Heating Value (MJ/kg at reception) or energy density (apparent KWh/m3)
Bio fuels supply contracts rely on these criteria to determine the reliability of the energy supplied to boiler rooms and optimise boilers efficiency. Thus, the megawatt hour (MWh) supplied is guaranteed and energy efficiency of biomass improved.

The Solid Biomass Barometer

Primary energy production from solid biomass per inhabitant reveals the level of commitment of a country to this form of renewable energy.
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Recommanded products

Humitest for wood chips

This wood chips moisture tester measures the water content and the temperature of different grades wood chips, sawmill wood chips or forest wood chips.

Humitest for wood, straw and hay

With its hammer probe or special probes, this moisture meter allows to measure water content of round wood, split logs, wood chips, sawdust, pellets, hay, straw and cellulose bales.

Humitest for biomass

This moisture meter for biomass allows to measure water content and temperature of wood chips, barks, plant pellets, wood shavings, sawdust, miscanthus, corn cob...


"To check the water content of pellets"

"The Humitest contributes to improve the biofuel."

"pricing depends on the measured moisture content"