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Environmental quality trainings

Environmental quality trainings
Energy performance, indoor air quality, life cycle assessment, training oneself to reduce the environment impact of our activities is a profitable investment.
Getting a global vision of an ecosystem and understanding the challenges of a complex environment, it's a matter of getting the means to implement actual and responsible solutions.

Building environmental quality?

Site, construction (insulation, ventilation, mode of heating and sanitary hot water…), operation and behaviours of occupiers contribute to the impact of a building on the environment.
Clients, town planners, architects or consulting engineers anticipate the life that will take place in the renovated quarter, the new estate or the restored building. The operation phase is often at the origin of about 80% of the environment impacts of the entire life cycle of buildings, from construction to demolition.
A transversal approach allows conciliating energy efficiency and air quality: health and comfort of occupiers are at this price, costs of construction and exploitation too!

Energy performance and thermal comfort

Some projects of low consumption building or restoration put across deceive: energy performance and thermal comfort are below expectations.
Driving energy systems with the help of measuring tools and communicating about the building performances contribute to secure the aimed objectives. The occupier is an actor of progress; his behaviour will have even more meaning since it's part of a winning collective project.
All affected, clients, project managers, consulting engineers, contractors, operators, occupiers, users, the environmental performance of our places of life relies on our aptitude to share our competences and our ingenuity.

Environmental impact
Grey energy and use energy, assessing the life cycle of a building, a product, a service or a organisation is a preliminary step to limit its impact on the environment.

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Recommanded products

Environmental quality, building standards

UK "BREAM", French "HQE", Swiss "Minergie®", German "Passivhaus", US "LEED", Japanese "CASBEE" …

Indoor air guidelines for public access buildings

Public access buildings have indoor air guidelines for three pollutants: formaldehyde, benzene and carbon dioxide.