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Local wood supply

Local wood supply
When communes own forests, their local councillors can make political choice with a vision of long term territorial development.

Local wood supply contract

With the wood supply contract, forest communes can favour the short circuit for supplying its own boiler rooms and local companies. This kind of supply contributes to:
- maintaining activity and jobs in the region,
- cost and environmental impact reduction (less transport), thanks to lower energy consumption and carbon emissions.
The supply contract allows optimisation of communal forest management:
- adequacy of wood supply to the demand,
- regular income for the communes,
- sorted woods. All the wood qualities can find a market.
To meet the requirements of big markets, some communes collaborate to guarantee supply. For instance, in the Rhone-Alps region, the representatives of public and private forests have undergone a partnership in 2005 to organise joint wood supply in adequate quality and quantity.

Training the players of Energy Wood related business

The forest communes, that are aware of what is at stake in territorial development, play a driving role in the set-up of the Energy Wood related business by training and experience sharing.

On the 16th and 17th March 2011, the Rhone-Alps forest communes organised training about fuels characterisation with forestry smallholders (wood chips and logs), platform managers and group of communes as well as local authorities. Part of the training was the presentation* of moisture meters for on site water content measurement of wood chips and round timber.
From discussions between those taking part, it appears that
- accompanying operators is crucial for a reliable measurement,
- wood quality is sometimes questioned whereas the boiler room design is at stake.

Beyond the supply of Humitest moisture meters, Domosystem offers its clients
- training for operators in fuel characterisation (water content included),
- customized intra or inter company trainings.

Forest Communes actively take part in structuring wood related business thanks to their open approach. Based on discussions between various players, developing wood related business goes through adequacy of supply to local demand as well as quality.

* by the biomass project manager at Domosystem
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Recommanded products

Humitest for wood, straw and hay

With its hammer probe or special probes, this moisture meter allows to measure water content of round wood, split logs, wood chips, sawdust, pellets, hay, straw and cellulose bales.

Humitest for round timber

With its hammer probe, this moisture meter allows to measure water content and temperature of billets, logs or blocks, even freshly cut.

Humitest for biomass

This moisture meter for biomass allows to measure water content and temperature of wood chips, barks, plant pellets, wood shavings, sawdust, miscanthus, corn cob...


"pricing depends on the measured moisture content"

NF444 - NF Solid biofuels

NF444 - NF Solid biofuels – Biofuels-pellets certifies the following characteristics:
- dimensions,
- inferior calorific value (ICV) and moisture content,
- level of fines,
- level of ash,
- mechanical resistance,
- apparent bulk density,
- sulphur, chlorine and nitrogen levels.

This certification is based on the European norm EN 14961-2.