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CO2, humidity and temperature

CO2, humidity and temperature
Measuring carbon dioxide, humidity, measuring temperature as well as dew point are part of indoor air quality diagnosis in living premises.

Indoor air quality

Humidity and temperature

According to the OQAI (French Indoor Air Quality Observatory), "the optimum level of air relative humidity in a home should be between 40 and 70%, for a temperature of between 18°and 22°C."
Regarding offices, the ideal hygrothermal comfort is at around 45% relative humidity and between 21 and 22°C

Carbon dioxide

The concentration of CO2 is an indicator for stuffy air. Released by people’s breathing in a room, carbon dioxide depends on the ratio of available space to the number of occupants and the airing of the room.

Stuffy air diagnosis

Normal occupancy conditions

CO2 and comfort parameters (humidity and temperature) are to be measured within a period that is representative of usual occupancy conditions. Within the regulatory frame of indoor air quality monitoring in France, the accepted period is of 4.5 days which corresponds to the occupancy of buildings by children.

Heating period

Measuring campaigns are to take place during the heating period of the building. For buildings in climatic zones that do not require heating, measurements can be done whatever the period.

CO2, humidity and temperature of indoor air can be measured and monitored over time thanks to an on-site logger.
Once identified, stuffy air can be removed by opening windows and indoor doors or by an appropriate ventilation system.


Consultancy and ventilation systems

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Recommanded products

Humitest for building

This moisture meter for building materials allows to measure water content of screed, floor screed, drywall, heavy concrete brick, brick…
Adjustable thanks to it optional sensors:
- Infrared surface temperature probe
- Thermo-humidity probe
- CO2 probe

Humitest MMS2

Four-in-one system: two-pin-contact moisture meter, in depth radiofrequency moisture detector, infrared thermometer, fast responding thermo-hygrometer.
- intuitive user interface with color screen,
- data logging,
- firmware upgradable,
- psychometric calculations,
- non-contact IR temperature probe with laser pointer.