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Three moisture meters with external probe

Three moisture meters allow to measure the water content and the temperature of turf, straw, hay, compost, sand and substrate.
With external probe, they are additions to the Humitest range.

Optimising yield and quality of natural resources

The products of land become rare and their price increases. These are extra reasons to optimise their yield. Measuring their water content and their temperature helps to decide and act to:
- choose harvest time,
- monitor the drying process,
- check storage conditions,
- determine the price,
- optimize transformation and valorisation processes.

Their monitoring contributes to improving their yield with equal environmental footprint.

On site moisture meters for turf, straw, cellulose, compost

To be able to measure moisture content precisely, three parameters are significant:
- the representativeness of the sample,
- the reliability of the instrument used for measuring,
- the compliance of the operational mode by the person who measures.

The oven dry method is the reference test to measure water content, but it is costly and time consuming. Designed for instant and reliable measurements on site, the three new moisture meters marketed by Domosystem are calibrated according to the oven dry method.

Fitted with an external probe (0.6 meter / 1 meter long), the new moisture meters allow to measure water content and temperature
- of straw and hay, for the Humitest for straw and hay,
- of straw, hay, cellulose, sand, compost and substrate for the Humitest for bales and piles,
- of turf, for the Humitest for turf.

- The user inserts the probe in the bale or the pile of matter to be measured,
- He selects one of the available calibrations corresponding to the measured material. Then, precise moisture content and temperature display instantly.

See the specifications of
- the straw and hay moisture meter,
- the moisture meter for straw, cellulose, compost,
- the turf moisture meter.
Paris, 22 May 2012

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