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Leather moisture detector

Along the transformation and storage processes of leather, moisture content is a key parameter to measure to meet quality requirements.

Measuring leather moisture, from wet blue to dry

The physical properties (colours, mechanical resistance…) of wet blue or dry leather vary depending on its moisture content.
To insure quality in manufacturing and conservation, the Humitest leather moisture tester is suitable through all the stages of transformation and storage of leather.

An on site leather moisture meter

Designed for instant and reliable measurements on site, the moisture meter for leather Humitest for leather measures the water content on total mass by dielectricity measurement at a depth of 5mm.
The properties of polarisation of the leather placed in the electrical field of the moisture tester vary depending on the free water contained in the leather. Having lost their specific dielectric characteristics, structural water or chemically bound water and crystallisation water (water that can not be eliminated without modifying the structure of leather) are not measured.

Fitted for the business, the operational mode is simple.
- The user selects the available calibration corresponding to the leather measured (leather free of chrome, high density leather…).
- He presses the moisture meter onto the leather pile of a minimum height of 10mm. Then, precise moisture content and temperature display instantly.

Paris, 19th March 2013
>> the press release of the leather moisture detector
>> a HD image of the Humitest for leather

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