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Wood chips moisture meter, the new Humitest

Sawmill wood chips, forest wood chips, these chipped plant waste are turned into energy.
Optimising their calorific value, limiting the environmental impact of this renewable energy during all its life cycle: one key data is water content!

Wood chips, a new European norm

The norm EN 14961-4 "Solid biofuels - Fuels specifications and classes - Part 4: Wood chips for non industrial use" being issued is to regulate the development of the use of wood chips to favour their economical and environmental efficiency.

Energy efficiency and moisture being linked, measuring water content of wood chips at different stages of valorisation is essential. According to the norm EN 14774, the moisture content of wood chips, determined with the oven dry method, is to be inferior or equal to:
- 10% on their wet mass for artificially dried wood chips,
- 25% % on their wet mass, 35% on their wet mass or more depending on the classes of wood chips.

An on site moisture meter

To be able to measure moisture content precisely, three parameters are significant:
- the representativeness of the sample,
- the reliability of the instrument used for measuring,
- the compliance of the operational mode by the person who measures.

The oven dry is the reference method to measure water content of wood chips, but it is costly and time consuming.
Designed for instant and reliable measurements on site, the moisture meters for solid biomass marketed by Domosystem are calibrated according to the oven dry method.

The Humitest for wood chips, calibrated for several types of wood chips, complete the range of moisture meters that allow the measurement of this wood energy type. The Humitest for biomass and for biomass plus, launched in 2009, are used by forest cooperatives and other wood producers as well as heating operators and local authorities. The new Humitest is aim at wood chips buyers, punctual users who only measure wood chips: their priority is a simple and quick moisture measure.

Fitted with a probe that is one meter long, the Humitest for wood chips allows to measure water content and temperature in the core of a heap of wood chips.
- The user selects one calibration from the three available calibrations: P16 and P45 forest wood chips, industrial or sawmill wood chips.
- He puts the probe with care so the electrodes at the end of the probe are in close contact with the measured wood chips: moisture content and temperature display instantly.

See the key functions of the Humitest for wood chips.
Paris, 19th May 2011

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