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Recycled paper moisture detector

Detecting moisture content in recycled paper and cardboard bales as well as piles, rolls and pulp is a key step in paper recycling.

Recycled paper and cardboard are coveted raw materials

Scarce resources

The price rise of paper and cardboard as well as the growing recycling of these matters are part of the worldwide tension on raw materials. Thus, old papers and paperboards become researched resources.
Valorising used paper and cardboard contributes to limit collections of wood and conflicts of use (timber/energy/paper).

Paper moisture and price

Collection, sorting and storage, the price of paper and cardboard to recycle and moisture content are directly linked.
In bale or in the bulk, used paper and cardboard are trade by the ton. To avoid paying the water of paper bales or cardboard bales, the players of the recycling industry should measure the moisture content of paper and cardboard to pay a fair price for their raw materials.

An on-site moisture meter for recycled paper

Designed for instant and reliable measurements on site, the moisture detector for paper bales and cardboard bales, the Humitest for recycling paper, marketed by Domosystem is calibrated according to the oven dry method and allows to measure recycling paper with a maximum measuring depth of 500 mm.

The recycling paper in the measuring field is permeated by an electric high frequent field whose characteristics change according to the moisture content of the recycling paper. Due to the distinctive polarity of the water molecule and the resultant high dielectric coefficient of water, the capacity of the measuring field changes depending on the moisture of the measured sample.

Fitted for the activities of the recycling industry, the operational mode is simple: measurement is quick, easy and non destructive. Moisture and temperature are measured as follows.
- The user holds the moisture tester with one hand and adequate pressure to the paper bale and ensure the whole sensor area rests on the paper bale,
- he selects the available calibration corresponding to the paper/ cardboard measured. Then, precise moisture content and temperature display immediately.
The user can log each measurement instantly; automatically, the moisture meter calculates the average of the saved measurements.

Paris, 5th February 2013
>> the press release of the recycling paper moisture detector
>> a HD image of the Humitest for recycling paper
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