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Sewage sludge moisture meter: Humitest for sludge

Reducing the mass of sewage sludge to a minimum is an opportunity -environmental and economic- from the increased costs of disposal and transport.
Domosystem adds to its on site range of moisture meters to measure the water content and the temperature of sewage sludge.

Optimising the valorization of sewage sludge

At the end of wastewater treatment, sewage sludge water content is about 99% of the raw matter. Reducing the mass to handle avoiding dust and improving quality are the primary issues of the valorization and the recycling of sewage sludge. Treatment can occur by reducing its water content, notably through drying.

By evaporation, sewage sludge loses all or part of its water and becomes solid.
- The technique of drying beds is done outdoors on liquid sludge and combines natural evaporation and free water drainage through a filter layer of sand and gravel. This extensive system, depending on weather conditions, gets the solid sludge to 35-40% of dry content.
- Thermal drying allows virtual elimination of water (dry content around 95%). The resulting sludge is either powder or granules/pellets. Thermal drying should develop in the coming years as other systems for sludge treatment, including incineration, are more expensive as a result of new regulatory and economic conditions.

An on site moisture meter to improve working conditions and productivity

To be able to measure moisture content of sewage sludge (municipal sludge or industrial sludge) precisely, three parameters are significant:
- the representativeness of the sample,
- the reliability of the instrument used for measuring,
- the compliance of the operational mode by the person who measures.

The oven dry method is the reference test to measure sludge water content, but it is costly and time consuming.
Designed for instant and reliable measurements on site, the moisture meter for sewage sludge marketed by Domosystem is calibrated according to the oven dry method.

Fitted with a measuring chamber, the new moisture meter allows to measure water content and temperature of sewage sludge granules/pellets. The user can also create his own calibrations.

- The user weighs the sample he has poured in the measuring chamber,
- He selects one of the available calibrations and adjusts the weight of the sample to the selected calibration curve. Then, precise moisture content and temperature display instantly.

See the specifications of the new sewage sludge moisture meter
Paris, 24 April 2012

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