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Wood, straw and hay moisture tester

The water content and the temperature of round timber, wood chips, sawdust, wood pellets, straw, hay or cellulose can be measured instantly on site.

A multipurpose biomass moisture meter

The new Humitest moisture meter allows to measure round timber, wood chips, sawdust, pellets, straw, hay and cellulose with its calibrations and probes for solid biomasses.

Being processed into energy or material, these solid biomasses are to be characterized to optimise their valorisation and to be priced. Thus, water content and temperature are significant parameters to be measured as they have an impact on energy efficiency, mechanical and thermal resistance, preservation or aspect.

Instant and reliable moisture measurement

To be able to measure moisture content of solid biomasses precisely, the representativeness of the sample and the reliability of the instrument used for measuring are significant.

Designed for instant and reliable measurements on site, the Humitest moisture meter for wood, straw and hay marketed by Domosystem is calibrated according to the oven dry method.

Several optional probes are available.
- The wood chips probe to measure moisture in the core of a heap of wood chips, sawdust or pellets, up to one meter deep.
- The hammer-probe for round timber to measure timber moisture in depth up to 60 mm. On the other hand, 255 mm long tips can be set on this probe to measure water content of straw bales, hay bales and cellulose bales.

Designed for on-the-ground constraints, the operational mode is simple.
- The user plugs in the moisture meter the probe suitable for the biomass he wants to measure,
- he drives the electrodes into round wood or bale / the probe into the heap of biomass,
- he selects the available calibration corresponding to the biomass measured. Then, precise moisture content and temperature display instantly.

Paris, 18th September 2012

>> the press release of the wood, straw and hay moisture meter
>> a HD image of the Humitest for wood, straw an hay

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