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Indoor air quality preventive diagnosis

Assisting to choose sustainable remedial actions in case of indoor pollution.

Indoor air quality under monitoring

Owners and operators of host institutions for children under six years and pre-primary schools in France have to monitor indoor air quality before the 1st January 2015.

This monitoring consists in the assessment of airing systems and the measurements campaign of pollutants.
The results of the assessment and the measurements are delivered to the people attending the institutions involved. In case the results are beyond the reference values, a survey must allow to identify and remedy the sources of pollution.

Preventive IAQ diagnosis

Whilst avoiding useless cost overruns, a preventive IAQ diagnosis allows to implement the French decree n°2012-14 dated 5th January 2012 concerning the assessment of airing systems and the measurement of pollutants.

This indoor air monitoring is "result"/"actual quality of indoor air" oriented and allows to:
- identify the critical rooms upstream,
- treat the causes of pollution forthwith,
- aim the Client to an indoor air quality management system,
- limit the potential impacts on the occupants' comfort and health,
- avoid to have to circulate harmful information for the image of the institution open to the public.

Investing in an healthy air

Made up of a report, this pre-study allows to determine if premise air is polluted or safe, properly ventilated or not. Before using planning board or laboratory services, this preventive diagnosis allows to concretely refer the Client in the implementation of solutions.

Technical expertise
Each building has its own construction and operation characteristics. The experience and know how of Domosystem people allow to bring practical value to the clients of this highly technical service.

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Humitest for building

This moisture meter for building materials allows to measure water content of screed, floor screed, drywall, heavy concrete brick, brick…
Adjustable thanks to it optional sensors:
- Infrared surface temperature probe
- Thermo-humidity probe
- CO2 probe

Indoor air quality monitoring

In some buildings open to the public, indoor air quality monitoring is made compulsory by the French “Grenelle 2” Law (hosting institutions for children under six -nurseries, drop-in programs, kindergartens...-, leisure centres, primary and secondary schools as well as occupational training institutions...).

Indoor air emissions

Health labelling of all the construction and decorating products from 2013

This IAQ labelling involves the manufacturers, the importers and the distributors of the products as well as contractors in France.