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Ventilation : quality chart

This quality chart outlines the benchmarks and guarantees that come with installations of ventilation systems completed exclusively by Domosystem.

Ten Year Building Guarantee

Axa France Iard N°3838124804 Contract

Bureau of regulation

Technical standards and specifications have been created in conformance with the recommendations of a CEBTP summary report, following a manufacturer-commissioned study.

Annual manufacture inspection

Qualified specialist personnel

trained by Domosystem


Domosystem promises, throughout the duration of the warranty, that replacement parts will be issued without cost, along with free labor and travel compensation. The guarantee is limited to the replacement of defective parts in the absence of any outside modification. It does not apply to repairs for damages with external causes outside of the installation itself (e.g. electrical shock, lightnight, current fluctuation.)
In whatever case, the warranty abides by legal standards related to the replacement of defective components.

Maintenance contract for a duration of 5 years

Domosystem promises to propose you, within 15 days of installation of your ventilation system, a "Maintenance Contract, 5-Year Guarantee" along with the free Domosystem guarantee. This warranty extention is a contract dependent on regular maintenance: the guarantee stands from 1 to 5 years with scheduled annual visits by a technician trained in the Domosystem technology. Apart from this annual scheduled visit, Domosystem will respond in a timely manner (five business days maximum) to your service request, and if necessary, with a consultation over the phone with a Domosystem technician.
If you would like to replace your ventilation system at the end of your "Maintenance Contract, 5-Year Guarantee," Domosystem will issue a 25% discount with the purchase of a new system.

Contractual warranty and contract of payable maintenance.

Contractual guarantees
Contractual warranty for payable maintenance services Maintenance contract with a 5-year guarantee
nothing to pay above the price of the installation In the intervention, following estimation
1-Year - starting point: the date of installation
Length: 4 years - starting point: the expiration of the warranty

Support outside of the maintenance contract

Domosystem promises to act promptly on your request after issuing a quote for maintenance.
This charter applies to the following areas: 60, 75, 77, 78, 91, 92, 93, 94 et 95.

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Domosec references

Some recent installations as examples: the Hôtel Lambert, the Jean Monnet’s House, the Behoust Château, schools of Champigny-sur-Marne Town, Best Western Fokelstone hotel...

Indoor air emissions

Health labelling of all the construction and decorating products from 2013

This IAQ labelling involves the manufacturers, the importers and the distributors of the products as well as contractors in France.