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"testing moisture in a mixture of raw materials"

Within the context of quality control, Erik Vanneau uses his Humitest moisture meter for testing moisture in a corn meal mixture.

Moisture content of every batch

"The Humitest for grain and stems is used when manufacturing a range of savoury snacks. Because it is very important to systematically measure the moisture content of every batch manufactured, we need an instrument that can carry out measurements fast and with good repeatability", explains Erik Vanneau.
Repeatability means a process can be reproduced in series. This is important for getting reliable measurements during a production process at industrial level. The higher the repeatability of an instrument’s results, the more stable the measurements are.
Also, he adds: " the instrument must be user-friendly and suitable for an industrial environment”. He believes that: “Humitest® meets all these needs ".

Portable moisture analyser

"The Humitest for grain and stems enables you to take regular measurements fast ".
"Once the manufacturing process has started, it can’t be stopped; it has to be constantly fed with more batches of the raw material mixture”, says Erik Vanneau.
Therefore, “being able to carry out a fast test is indispensable".
"The Infrared method", he says, "Can be used infrared both for on-going manufacturing processes and finished products (ready-to-eat sweet and savoury cereals).
However although it is reliable, this method is not as fast as Humitest. The infrared moisture analysers that we have are not "portable" like the Humitest".

ANTARTIC II manufactures, packs, stores and sales cereals for breakfast, aperitif snacks, spices, rice, semolina as well as custom made mixes of ingredients and additives.

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Humitest for food industry

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Antactic II, Erik Vanneau