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"pinpoint any water leakage"

Mr Gilles Munsch, Narbonne Accessoires/TP uses the Humitest Aquant moisture detector for the maintenance of leisure vehicles.

Testing moisture regularly

Infiltration, the biggest enemy

"The biggest enemy of motor homes is infiltration. Indeed, warranty contracts clearly state that a leisure vehicle must be checked at least once a year by a qualified operator. For instance, the Vilamobil brand insists on two damp roof tests a year, to make sure there is no leak", explains Gilles Munsch, Technical Director of Narbonne Accessoires.

Measuring moisture in vehicles

I have equipped our network of workshops with an instrument for detecting and measuring moisture in vehicles, which we use when carrying out regular and mandatory checks on leisure vehicles”, he continues.

Measuring moisture for a reliable diagnosis

Pinpointing any linkage

"The Humitest Aquant allows to pinpoint any leakage when carrying out surveys. I initially bought Humitest Aquant to meet this demand. This moisture meter has also the advantage of not damaging the material being tested. The test is conducted without having to pin on the body of the vehicle. We have since resorted to using this instrument when installing accessories. Depending on the moist shape detected, we can monitor an hard bearing inside a panel and install stronger fittings. Finally, this instrument enables us to pinpoint any water leakage when carrying out surveys, without having to disassemble the vehicle. And the diagnosis is reliable."

Direct reading of measurements

"You only need to use Humitest Aquant for a short while to get used to it. You read the results directly off the display, which also has an LCD progress bar going from red to green. It’s so user-friendly”, concludes Gilles Munsch.

Narbonne Accessoires offers accessories and equipment solutions for camper vans, caravans and mobile homes. To be able to offer a full range of options, the brand bought the TPL (Tout Pour le Loisir) brand name, which specialises in motor homes.

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Moisture meters for on-site diagnosis


Humitest Survey

This moisture meter allows to measure moisture by contacting its two electrodes and detect moisture in depth, without leaving any mark.
The two modes are complementary so as to enlighten dampness diagnosis.

Humitest Aquant

Intuitive, this moisture tester detects moisture in depth in plaster, concrete, screed or GRP.


Narbonne Accessoires/TP, Gilles Munsch