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Rating unhealthy accommodations

Ms Revol of Urbanis and Project Manager for the “unfit homes” scheme, chose the Humitest MMS moisture meter.

Diagnosing unhealthy homes

"Our work within the context of the “Urban and Social Project – Unfit Housing" consisted mainly of inspecting apartments and houses in order to determine their unhealthiness. Using an ANAH¹ grid, we were able to determine a number of technical criteria, including moisture, insulation and heating. We were able to obtain coefficients that helped us rate accommodation in terms of their unhealthiness." Said Ms Revol.

Measuring moisture and humidity

"We had never used the Humitest MMS before. It was recommended to us by a manager from Health and Social Matters – Department of Sarthe, who is a project partner. And the test proved to be conclusive", admits Ms Revol. "This instrument helped us to assess moisture and humidity levels. We were able to complete the technical criteria grid very precisely, whilst improving the quality of the test, and providing quantified data. This helped us to confirm what was either already evident to us or what we suspected."
"I think it is very useful to use such a tool when conducting unhealthiness tests. It is also very easy; it works essentially by using the two buttons to choose the different monitoring methods", concluded Ms Revol.

The consulting firm, Urbanis, intervenes in operations relating to housing rehabilitation.
¹ : Agence nationale d'amélioration de l'habitat (National Agency for Housing Improvement)
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MMS2 software kit

The environmental measureaments instantly or continuously logged can be downloaded to a PC thanks to this kit. It includes a CD and an USB interface cable.

Data storage makes the MMS2 ideal for many applications: building survey, fire and flood restoration, concrete floor moisture measurement, indoor air quality or health.

Humidity, temperature and feeling of comfort

Far from fighting against humidity, heating maintains condensation: the hotter the air, the more humidity it can contain.
Moreover, the more humid the air, the more it needs to be heated to get a feeling of comfort.


Urbanis, Amandine Revol