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"delivering envelopes as dry as possible"

Technical Manager of La Couronne, Christophe Lefèvre uses the Humitest for paper hygrometer to measure paper and cardboard moisture as well as to monitor humidity in premises where the envelopes are stored and manufactured.

“We manufacture envelopes from several raw materials, paper and cardboard.” Mr Lefèvre introduces.

Envelopes as dry as possible

“Our know-how consists in delivering envelopes as dry as possible. The issue is to avoid mechanical jams that generate big wastes at our clients’, such as dispatchers, banks or analysis laboratories for instance. To satisfy our clients, we always target lower moisture content for our envelopes.” Mr Lefèvre explains.
“We receive paper rolls and paper reams as well as cardboard boxes. We measure paper and cardboard all along the manufacturing process, during folding, gluing, printing and drying. The drying is a crucial step as we use water based inks that moisten paper.”

Paper moisture and ambient humidity

“To improve the quality of our envelopes, we do tests. In our method point, moisture content is one the key indicators. We measure paper and cardboard moisture but also environment conditions as paper will absorb humidity if the environment is damp. Monitoring ambient humidity is part of our check method.” Christophe Lefèvre goes on.
“During transportation and storage, environment humidity is also to be taken into account.”

“In a nutshell, moisture measurement conditions the quality of our envelopes. » Monsieur Lefèvre concludes.

La Couronne is the first European manufacturer of envelopes to create its carbon balance sheet. Its sustainable development strategy is founded on respecting the environment and reducing CO2 emissions.
La Couronne has built an exclusive methodology based on the ISO 14064-1 norm; this allows a very accurate calculation of the carbon balance sheet of all its products. The CO2 emission compensation of each order is insured by La Couronne through the reactivation of sustainable forest management programs or repurchase of CO2 emissions certificates.

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Portable hygrometers


Humitest for paper

This humidity tester is designed to measure moisture in piles of paper thanks to its sword sensor 30cm long.
This air humidity meter is also ideal to monitor the climate of printing rooms and paper storage rooms.

Indoor air acidification

Depending on its manufacturing time and its composition, paper can contribute to make the indoor air more acidic and favour corrosion –that would not be necessarily due to excess moisture then- .

Only indoor air quality diagnosis allows to identify prospective pollutants (chemical, particulate and biological) and to take appropriate corrective actions.


La Couronne, Christophe Lefèvre