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"evaluate the work environment"

Doctor Bénédicte Laumond, occupational physician for temporary workers in the entertainment industry, monitors employee work conditions.

Protecting workers’ health

"The job of the occupational physician is to prevent illness and accidents in the work place. Within this context, my job involves providing regular consultation for employees of the firms that I am responsible for. I also visit their work place so as to evaluate the work environment", explains Doctor Laumond.
"When I visit a workplace, I always check a number of criteria, such as room temperature and humidity", she continues.

Improving work environment

"Humitest Hygro L Plus helps me recommend ways of improving the environment.
Visiting the work place enables me to get the full picture of the work environment of employees: seating, workstations, brightness, noise, etc... Instruments such as a light meter and sound level meter come in very handy.
Both temperature and moisture play a significant role in determining the work environment quality. High temperatures or extreme dryness in a room can lead to eye problems, such as watering or itchy eyes.
Thanks to the Humitest Hygro L Plus, I can immediately measure the temperature and the percentage of air humidity. I use it as a reference and it helps me give advice on heating or air conditioning to improve the environment.
As my pen, this hygrometer is one of my tools for inspection visits."

Dr Bénédicte Laumond has been working as an occupational physician for temporary workers in the French entertainment industry (CMB) for 14 years. Focusing initially on the health conditions of cinema technicians, the remit of the CMB was widened to cover the health conditions of temporary and permanent workers in the entertainment industry, banks, press, legal professions and a wide variety of local professions.

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Humitest MMS2

Four-in-one system: two-pin-contact moisture meter, in depth radiofrequency moisture detector, infrared thermometer, fast responding thermo-hygrometer.
- intuitive user interface with color screen,
- data logging,
- firmware upgradable,
- psychometric calculations,
- non-contact IR temperature probe with laser pointer.

Indoor air emissions

Health labelling of all the construction and decorating products from 2013

This IAQ labelling involves the manufacturers, the importers and the distributors of the products as well as contractors in France.


Centre médical de la Bourse, Dr Laumond