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The Humitest range


Humidité, qualité de l’air intérieur, mesure CO², environnement…


CO2, humidity and temperature

Measuring carbon dioxide, humidity, measuring temperature as well as dew point are part of indoor air quality diagnosis in living premises. read more [...]


Archives air quality

Archives and works of art are sensitive to humidity, air temperature, indoor pollution and light. read more [...]


Survey, diagnosis, treatment  

Patented dampness treatment

Patented dampness treatment

Rehabilitation of semi-subterranean and subterranean places of living read treatment

Dampness survey

Dampness survey

Renovating and/or operating a building without useless overhead. read diagnosis



Wood moisture and pricing
Corse Bois Energie, Joseph Pistolozzi

"pricing depends on the measured moisture content"

Joseph Pistolozzi who is the manager of the production facility of Wood Energy Corsica thinks measuring moist… read testimonial